Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia

Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia

‘When I do come to town, bang go my plans in a horrid alcoholic explosion that scatters all my good intentions’.

– Dylan Thomas

Patrons:  Sian Phillips CBE, Jonathan Pryce CBE, Griff Rhys Jones, Owen Sheers, Sir Patrick Stewart.

Long term supporters of Fitzrovia Journal Griff Rhys Jones & Jason Morrell were in the early stages off developing the festival this year when the journal launched. Today, the festival is about to be put into full motion in October with a series of events to coincide with the centenary of former Fitzrovia Welshman, poet and punter; the one and only Dylan Thomas. The festival is not only a celebration of the centenary of Dylan, but the legacy of the Fitzrovia neighbourhood, its businesses and people, past and present.

Dylan’s relationship with London was passionate and contradictory. It was the ‘city of the restless dead…which filled me with terror’, it could also be a place where ‘the arches of the bridges leap into light; the moon clocks glow, the river sings’.

At the heart of this contradiction was his own passionate capacity for pleasure. London fuelled him and enervated him, galvanised him to work and distracted him from doing it. He summed it up with honest, comical ruefulness.

Jason and Griff have worked incredibly hard to make this festival happen bringing together local businesses and people in what certainly shall be a successful collaborative Fitzrovia literary festival.

Join us October 20th – 26th, all over Fitzrovia.

Programme of events more information:

W: dylanthomasfitzrovia.com

E: hello@dylanthomasfitzrovia.com

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